My girlie girl

Her beauty isn�t a question of how pretty her eyes are but how worm and bright they look। It�s not just the sheen of her skin, it�s how it moves, it�s not just how sleek and shapely her body is, it�s how she stands, how she bends her back forwards ever so slightly, how her shoulders slope, broad shouldered as she is ।she seems vibrant, radiant and there�s an air of vulnerability about her that�s just inexplicable. Given her height, physique and strong features. Something about her stirs your paternal instincts, makes you want to father her as well as love her .You get this urge to put your arms round her shoulders .pat her on the back, ask her how her day was? And tell her how proud you are of her .I See her as a �girl� a very sensitive person, tough, dedicated passionate and a little girl in many ways. She�s in touch with her inner child, giving her the kind of forthrightness and emotionality kids have before they grow up. Never grow up! Except for growing where it matters in terms of responsibilities and, well, Other things she is just cute and adorable all the time, she has a taste for warm, fuzzy clothes, jumpers and sweatshirts, she dress c .she is never be away from home and she is a full-time mother may be works occasionally, she is always herself. That is my bird, witch I smitten by her, my little baby girlie girl.